Course Description & Maps

Course Description:

After leaving the START-LINE at Broomfield Civic Center on Spader Way, the course passes the historic yellow Brunner Farm and heads north to join LAKE LINK TRAIL. At mile 2, looking west, lies the purple FLAT IRON RANGE with the panoramic view of the majestic ROCKIES stretching north to south with LONGS PEAK in full view. Before descending the escarpment, on a clear day one can see Wyoming. You will be cheered on by the constant chirping of the many prairie dogs being constant spectators. At mile 4, the trail makes a 90 degree turn onto ROCK CREEK TRAIL to the west, passing the original Miller Farm and its stage coach station. On these grasslands the Arapahoe and Cheyenne hunted pronghorn and grazed cattle. Around STEARNS LAKE coyotes can be seen stalking migrating vast varieties of waterfowl. At this trails’ end, the course moves onto paved cycle path, gently climbing up DECEPTION HILL to the 1st Bank Center, followed by downhill to the BIG DRY CREEK TRAIL. This follows the tree lined creek with nesting bald eagles, red tailed hawk or horned owls camouflaged in the trees. After 7 miles, the trail turns west through suburban streets and onto QUAIL CREEK, MCKAY LANDING and past PLASTER LAKE for the final flat push to the FINISH at the Community Center. Refreshments, massage, music, family and friends will welcome the FINISHERS.

Course Maps: